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Form groups

With the appropriate permissions, form administrators at your company can create form groups, or curated set of forms gathered from the association form libraries to which DocuSign provides access. Form groups enable agents to know which forms to add to rooms based on the type of transaction they are working on. When creating groups, administrators can make certain forms required, ensuring compliance. If you don't create groups, agents will have to choose forms they need from a list of association forms.


To manage forms, you must have the canManageFormGroups permission, which enables you to access the Forms tab in Admin. For all other roles, assign permissions based on how these users will be working with forms. If no form permissions are enabled for these roles, users cannot add forms to rooms.

Form administrators must have the canManageFormGroups permission assigned to their user role. This gives them access to the Forms tab in Admin. However, you should also consider the user's access level. For example, if the user has access to specific offices, they can only administer form groups for those offices.


This resource contains details about a form, such as the date it was created and last updated, the number of pages, the form owner, and other information.

GET /restapi/v2/accounts/{accountId}/forms/{formId}/details

Gets form details.


This resource provides a method that returns a URL for a new external form fill session, based on the roomId and formId that you specify in the formFillSessionForCreate request body.

POST /restapi/v2/accounts/{accountId}/external_form_fill_sessions

Creates an external form fill session.


The FormGroups resource enables you to create and manage custom groups of association forms.

GET /restapi/v2/accounts/{accountId}/form_groups

Gets form groups.


The FormLibraries resource enables you to access standard real estate industry association forms and add them to rooms.

GET /restapi/v2/accounts/{accountId}/form_libraries

Gets form libraries.

GET /restapi/v2/accounts/{accountId}/form_libraries/{formLibraryId}/forms

Gets the forms in a form library.

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