<DSMEnvelopesManagerOffineSigningSwitchRecipient> Protocol Reference

#import <DSMEnvelopesManager.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - presentEditRecipientsControllerForEnvelopeWithId:animated:completion:

Method Documentation

◆ presentEditRecipientsControllerForEnvelopeWithId:animated:completion:()

- (void) presentEditRecipientsControllerForEnvelopeWithId: (NSString *)  envelopeId
animated: (BOOL)  animated
completion: (void(^)(NSError *error))  completion 

present a edit recipient flow for current offline signing session with a given envelope id. This should be used from the DSMEnvelopesManagerOfflineSigningDelegate methods to ensure a valid offline signing session in progress.

envelopeIdid of the envelope currently in use with offline signing session
animatedif the presentation of edit recipient is animated or not.
completioncompletion block to be executed after edit recipient is finished.

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