Groups Resource

The Groups resource provides methods that allow you to manage groups for the account.

Groups can be used to help manage users by associating users with a group. A group can be associated with a Permission Profile, which sets the user permissions for users in that group without having to set the userSettings property for each user. You are not required to set Permission Profiles for a group, but this makes it easier to manage user permissions for a large number of users. Groups can also be used with template sharing to limit user access to templates.

GET /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/groups

Gets information about groups associated with the account.

PUT /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/groups

Updates the group information for a group.

POST /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/groups

Creates one or more groups for the account.

DELETE /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/groups

Deletes an existing user group.

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