EnvelopeLocks Resource

The EnvelopeLocks resource provides methods that allow you to manage locks on an envelope.

To prevent users from changing an envelope while another user is modifying it, you can lock the envelope and set the time until the lock expires.

For example, you would use the following flow:

  1. Lock the envelope.
  2. Make changes to envelope.
  3. Delete the envelope lock and save the changes. If the envelope is based on a template that has a password, you must supply the template password to save the changes.

Note: To use envelope locks, the user must have envelope locking capability enabled.

GET /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/lock

Gets envelope lock information.

PUT /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/lock

Updates an envelope lock.

POST /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/lock

Locks an envelope.

DELETE /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/lock

Deletes an envelope lock.

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