EnvelopeCustomFields Resource

The EnvelopeCustomFields resource provides methods that allow you manage custom fields in an envelope.

Custom fields can be used in the envelopes for your account to record information about the envelope, help search for envelopes and track information. The envelope custom fields are shown in the Envelope Settings section when a user is creating an envelope in the DocuSign member console. The envelope custom fields are not seen by the envelope recipients.

There are two types of envelope custom fields, text and list. A text custom field lets the sender enter the value for the field. With a list custom field, the sender selects the value of the field from a pre-made list.

GET /v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/custom_fields

Gets the custom field information for the specified envelope.

PUT /v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/custom_fields

Updates envelope custom fields in an envelope.

POST /v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/custom_fields

Updates envelope custom fields for an envelope.

DELETE /v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/custom_fields

Deletes envelope custom fields for draft and in-process envelopes.

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