CustomTabs Category

Custom Tabs enable accounts to have one or more pre-configured (custom) tabs. Custom tabs save time when users are tagging documents since the users don't have to manually set the tabs' parameters.

This category enables custom tabs to be managed programmatically, including creation, deletion, etc.


Custom tabs

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions

Retrieves a list of all tabs associated with the account.

POST /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions

Creates a tab with pre-defined properties, such as a text tab with a certain font type and validation pattern. Users can access the custom tabs when sending documents through the DocuSign web application.

Custom tabs can be created for approve, checkbox, company, date, date signed, decline, email, email address, envelope ID, first name, formula, full name, initial here, last name, list, note, number, radio, sign here, signer attachment, SSN, text, title, and zip tabs.

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions/{customTabId}

Retrieves information about the requested custom tab on the specified account.

PUT /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions/{customTabId}

Updates the information in a custom tab for the specified account.

DELETE /v2/accounts/{accountId}/tab_definitions/{customTabId}

Deletes the custom from the specified account.