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EnvelopeBulkRecipients Resource

The EnvelopeBulkRecipients resource provide methods that allow you manage the bulk recipient file for an envelope.

The bulk recipient CSV (Comma Separated Value) file contains the list of recipient names and email addresses that you can add to an envelope to send the same document to a large number of recipients.

The required and optional information that can be included the file is described in the [ML: BulkEnvelope: updateRecipients] method

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/recipients/{recipientId}/bulk_recipients

Retrieves the bulk recipient file information from an envelope that has a bulk recipient.

PUT /v2/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/recipients/{recipientId}/bulk_recipients

Updates the bulk recipients in a draft envelope using a file upload. The Content-Type supported for uploading a bulk recipient file is CSV (text/csv).

The REST API does not support modifying individual rows or values in the bulk recipients file. It only allows the entire file to be added or replaced with a new file.

DELETE /v2/accounts/{accountId}/envelopes/{envelopeId}/recipients/{recipientId}/bulk_recipients

Deletes the bulk recipient file from an envelope. This cannot be used if the envelope has been sent.

After using this, the bulkRecipientsUri property is not returned in subsequent GET calls for the envelope, but the recipient will remain as a bulk recipient.