Invoices Resource

The Invoices resource provides methods that allow you to manage the invoices for an account.

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/billing_invoices

Retrieves a list of invoices for the account. If the from date or to date queries are not specified, the response returns invoices for the last 365 days.

Privileges required: account administrator

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/billing_invoices/{invoiceId}

Retrieves the specified invoice.

Note: If the pdfAvailable property in the response is set to true, you can download a PDF version of the invoice. To download the PDF, make the call again and change the value of the Accept property in the header to Accept: application/pdf.

Privileges required: account administrator

The response returns a list of charges and information about the charges. Quantities are usually shown as 'unlimited' or an integer. Amounts are shown in the currency set for the account.

Response The following table provides a description of the different chargeName property values. The information will grow as more chargeable items are added to the system.

chargeName Description
id_check ID Check Charge
in_person_signing In Person Signing charge
envelopes Included Sent Envelopes for the account
age_verify Age verification check
ofac OFAC Check
id_confirm ID confirmation check
student_authentication STAN PIN authentication check
wet_sign_fax Pages for returning signed documents by fax
attachment_fax Pages for returning attachments by fax
phone_authentication Phone authentication charge
powerforms PowerForm envelopes sent
signer_payments Payment processing charge
outbound_fax Send by fax charge
bulk_recipient_envelopes Bulk Recipient Envelopes sent
sms_authentications SMS authentication charge
saml_authentications SAML authentication charge
express_signer_certificate DocuSign Express Certificate charge
personal_signer_certificate Personal Signer Certificate charge
safe_certificate SAFE BioPharma Signer Certificate charge
seats Included active seats charge
open_trust_certificate OpenTrust Signer Certificate charge

GET /v2/accounts/{accountId}/billing_invoices_past_due

Returns a list past due invoices for the account and notes if payment can be made through the REST API.

Privileges Required: account administrator