AccountSignatureProviders Resource

Standards-Based Signatures (SBS) is the label used to describe DocuSign's suite of signatures that comply with regional and industry regulations, such as the electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) regulation in Europe.

Feature Differences When Using Standards-Based Signatures

Some DocuSign features are not compatible with Standards-Based Signatures, while others work somewhat differently. It's important to understand these key differences.

DocuSign Features Not Compatible with SBS

  • Attachment by fax
  • Concatenation of signer attachments
  • Legacy digital signatures
  • Markup
  • Notary

DocuSign Features That Change with SBS

The following features work slightly differently with SBS:

  • Advanced Correct: After the first signature, adding or deleting a field is not allowed. This behavior occurs because SBS does not allow adding or removing form fields after a digital signature has already been applied to a PDF.
  • Downloading Combined Envelopes: A combined PDF is not digitally signed. This behavior occurs because concatenating digitally signed PDFs breaks the digital signatures on the PDFs.
  • Freeform Signing: After someone has signed, allows only signature and initials on free-form. This behavior occurs because if another signer has already signed the document, adding fields other than signature fields will break the existing digital signatures on the document.
  • Watermarks: All watermarks are added as PDF annotations. This behavior occurs because burning the watermark into the PDF will break the digital signatures on the document.
  • Wet Signing: Wet-signed documents are added as new documents to envelopes. This behavior results in the uploaded or faxed, physically signed document being added as a new document to the envelope. This new document gets only a platform seal.

For more information, see Standards Based Signatures.

GET /restapi/v2.1/accounts/{accountId}/signatureProviders

Gets the available signature providers for an account.

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